ID-297N (Hajdúsági birtok)
35.000.000,00 EUR
39.325.842,70 USD
47.191.011,24 CAD
Magyarország, Hajdúság.
ID-297N (Hajdúsági birtok)
Soort status: Actief
Eigenaar: Appartement
Pand ID: 297N
Type: pand te koop
Bouwjaar: 2018

Arable land: 2 817 ha

Grazing land: 670 ha

Forest: 150 ha


The Property is gathered around 3 large blocks, of similar size, which have been grouped together in the tables of great extension. The quality of the soil has acertain diversity, but these are mainly ratherheavy and clayey soils, with a tendeny toslowly drain the waters that permeate andsuitable deal with eventual droughts.

Property and equipment at K headquarters:

  • 8 deposits 1.600mq each for grain storage with a total capacity of 45 thousand ton
  • 2 drying towers equipped with pit and shed reception, cleaners and rooms for scrap
  • 2 transit silos
  • mechanized plant for loading 4 deposits
  • Weighing center with automatic arm for collecting samples, electronic weight and number of facilities for the measurement of the quality parameters of the goods;
  • 2 tanks of 10 thousand liters eachand pump for diesel
  • garage of 400 sqm, equipped with various equipment for repairs andmaintenance
  • 1500sqm canopy and square for the storage of agricultural machinery
  • 340sqm deposits for seeds andchemicals
  • services and rooms for the personnel of 300sqm
  • offices and guest quarters of 680 sqm
  • units for water, gas and electricity
  • the aforesaid goods, squares, parking lots and internal roads cover about 4 acres paved

Equipment of Farm K:

  • 10 motor vehicles for personnel
  • machines and tools for agricultural work
  • workshop tools machines for handlingand storage of cereals
  • furniture
  • everything needed for business administration and representation

Property and equipment at secondary Farm K seat:

  • a couple of obsolete deposits
  • a new weight
  • a control unit with electricity
  • container
  • place for parking of agricultural machineryand the delivery of cereals

Production of Farm K:

The productive activity focuses on the following crops: wheat, barley,sunflower, soybean and corn

Yields per hectare reflect nationalaverages:

  • 4-5 ton/ha for barley and wheat
  • 2-3 ton/ha for soy and sunflower
  • 6-7 ton/ha for corn.

The company's total production reachedan annual average of about 12.000 tons.

Activity of integration:

The company offers the facilities, equipment, administration andmost of the personnel at the disposal of a sister, company therebyexerting in a formally separate the integration of small farmers in theneighborhood and making commercial transactions for the sale ofcereals with far suppliers too.

The sister has only financial means.

The activity of integration is a contract, under which the company iscommitted to providing the necessary counterpart of agriculturalmaterials (seeds, fertilizer, chemicals) in exchange for thecontribution of the product at harvest time.

300-400 are contracts signed annually interested in this collaboration. In quantitative terms the integration involves 20-30 thousand tons every year.

Cereals trading:

Trading with cereal that do not pass throughthe center, reach 12-15 thousand tons per year.

Most of the goods that is produced in the company, that conferred by the Integrated anthat bought elsewhere is sold abroad. The foreign customers are handled through trusted agents or directly.

Human resources:

Company that owns the land employs 30 persons and 4 persons on contract.

Company that is involved in trade integration directly employs only 1 person, 2 persons on contract and pay a monthly fee for the services of its sister accountancy and administration.




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