ID-209E (Soltszentimre)
2 130 000.00 EUR
Magyarország, Soltszentimre, Soltszentimre.
ID-209E (Soltszentimre)
Listing status: Active
Property type: Apartment
Property ID: 209E
Listing type: House for sale
Built year: 2000

ID: 209

Place: Soltszentimre

Parcel: 350 ha land 



- building in from of renovation

- 300 piece of grey cattle

- water and power

- section with halftop

- Yearly subsidy for the territory and

  cattles: 70.000.000 Ft (~318.182$)


Price: 660.000.000 Ft (~3.000.000$)

power (220V) land water
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